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Trade fee-free on our reliable crypto exchange with the lowest fees, where possibilities to buy, sell, trade, and stake crypto shine like a sunny forecast.

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We don't penalize trading. The best trading fees are zero fees.

Safe, fully-functional, and intuitive crypto app that allows you to seamlessly buy, sell, trade, and securely store cryptocurrency, as effortlessly as a breeze rustling through leaves.

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Benefits you will get when using Lykke

Unlock the power of instant price locking for confident decision-making. If complex trading platforms have left you overwhelmed, we offer a simpler solution.

Stay in control of your account balance. Monitor your assets effortlessly, ensuring you're always informed about your financial standing.

Obtain personalized deposit addresses for various assets, presented in both text and QR-code forms.

Secure the best prices by exchanging asset B for asset A based on a valid quote, ensuring you maximize your value on our platform.

Transfer your assets securely. Easily specify the destination address of your assets, knowing that your transactions are conducted.

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Seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, while enjoying fee-free deposit and withdrawal of EUR, CHF, USD, and GBP via bank transfer.